Frisian Youth Orchestra


The Frysk Jeugd Orkest (Frisian Youth Orchestra) was founded in 1977 by the Dutch musician Gerard van der Weerd for the purpose of giving young musicians the opportunity to play in a real symphonic orchestra. For twenty years Van der Weerd conducted the orchestra and they gave concerts both within and outside Fryslân and even in the United States of America, Italy and Spain. A very special occasion was a concert in honor of Her Royal Highness Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

In 1997 conductor Theo Brouwer succeeded Gerard van der Weerd. Theo had also been one of the orchestra’s trumpet players for several years. With Theo Brouwer the orchestra saw highlights abroad in playing in Spain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Touring with Dutch rock band “De Kast” – with whom a CD was recorded– and performing with Dutch opera singer Miranda van Kralingen as solo-soprano, were some other memorable concerts.

In April 2006 the Frysk Jeugd Orkest won first prize at the First National Contest for youth symphonic orchestras. The jury complimented the orchestra on its beautiful sound, intonation, rhythmic precision and excellent repertoire-choice.

Mission Orchestra:

The Frysk Jeugd Orkest reasons from four key values: joy, teamwork, discipline and growth. Our goals are to offer young musicians from Fryslân the chance to enjoy and learn from making music together in a symphonic orchestra. We thereby aim to inspire each individual player and help them further develop their musical skills. Exchange with other orchestras and choirs from Europe helps reaching those goals and gives children the opportunity to experience other cultures.

Stichting Frysk Jeugd Orkest
Spoorstraat 138
8933 CG Leeuwarden

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Rehearsal Location:
De Fontein Leeuwarden
Goudenregenstraat 77, 8922 CP Leeuwarden